Journal: America’s Army–Tough, Isolated, Happy

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I suggest to you that this article is a keeper, that David Woods gets it.  While it focuses on the Army, I think it's applicable in significant part to the other

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DoD military Services, particularly to the Marine Corps, and to one or two non-DoD Federal agencies have been close partners in the national security effort.



In the 10th Year of War, a Harder Army, a More Distant America

The U.S. Army now begins its 10th continuous year in combat, the first time in its history the United States has excused the vast majority of its citizens from service and engaged in a major, decade-long conflict instead with an Army manned entirely by professional warriors.

This is an Army that, under the pressure of combat, has turned inward, leaving civilian America behind, reduced to the role of a well-wishing but impatient spectator. A decade of fighting has hardened soldiers in ways that civilians can't share. America respects its warriors, but from a distance.


“A lot of us are here because society has no further use for us,” he said. “The Army has become home for a lot of restless souls who can never really go back.

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