Journal: Multinational Transformation

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A few thoughts:

1)  Information-sharing and sense-making is “root” for multinational operations.

2)  Education, intelligence, and research must all be open and multinational in nature.

3)  Peaceful preventive measures rooted in open education and intelligence are the foundation.

4)  Precision covert and clandestine multinational operations are the intermediate capability.

5)  Hybrid operations by all eight tribes of intelligence, with the military as the “core force” for communications, intelligence-sharing and sense-making, logistics, and mobility, will be the norm.

6)  Gandhi had it right–cannot kill swarms with machine guns, the only winning move is peace for all.

7)  Yanus, Scowcroft, et al have it right–POVERTY is the #1 threat to humanity, eliminate poverty and everything else heals itself.

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20100905 Multinational Postings at Phi Beta Iota is organized into the following topics but only covers the last year instead of all five years.  It just became too demanding a task.

Acquisition (Multinational)
Analytics for Multinational/Whole Earth (Concepts & Methods)
Brain-Power/Human Intelligence
C4I Fundamentals (Needs, Tools)
Citizen-Centered Information & Intelligence
Concepts for Civilization
French-Language Items
Hacking Earth
Information & Intelligence
Peace Through Innovation
Strategy (or Not)

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