Open Source Mobile Tech (SMS) Platforms for Credit, Education, Legal, and Medical

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FrontlineSMS is an open-source software that enables two-way text messaging between cheap mobile phones and laptops over cellular (GSM) networks.

FrontlineSMS: Credit
FrontlineSMS:Credit aims to make every formal financial service available to the entrepreneurial poor in 160 characters or less. By meshing the functionality of FrontlineSMS with local mobile payment systems, implementing institutions will be able to provide a full range of customizable services, from savings and credit to insurance and payroll.

FrontlineSMS: Learn (not finished yet)
FrontlineSMS:Learn leverages ubiquitous mobile technology—SMS or “text messaging”—to support and strengthen education and training initiatives and human capacity development and make learning opportunities available anytime and anywhere. Using the application knowledge and higher-order reasoning and decision-making skills can be developed, reinforced and assessed leading to improved transfer of learning, increased knowledge retention, long-term changes in behavior and, ultimately, improvements in service delivery.

FrontlineSMS: Legal (new)
These low-cost systems enable remote coordination between informal dispute resolution workers and the formal legal system, improving service delivery, range, and cost efficiency.

In addition to this core platform, FrontlineSMS:Legal is developing additional plug-ins that will add value to local organizations working to provide legal services. FrontlineSMS:Legal products offer several key functionalities:

• FrontlineSMS:Legal users are able to enter data into digitized legal forms from remote locations via mobile phones. These digital legal records are stored centrally, searchable by identifying information, and aggregated to display trends.

• FrontlineSMS:Legal enables easy two-way distribution of information such as court information, hearing scheduling notifications, reminders, referrals, and intake forms wherever there is a mobile phone signal.

• FrontlineSMS:Legal develops customized case management systems that facilitate case and client management for legal service providers, automating workflows, such as client intake, form completion, elements of client maintenance, and, where necessary, information transfer.

FrontlineSMS: Medic
The mission of FrontlineSMS:Medic is to advance healthcare networks in under served communities using innovative, appropriate mobile technologies.  We are also extending the FrontlineSMS platform to enable better patient management, electronic medical records via the cell phone, cheap mobile diagnostics, and mapping of health services.

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