Journal: Mother of All Frauds AFTER 9-11 Mother of All Atrocities–The Information Canivores Begin Circling Wall Street and the Two-Party Tyranny

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Chuck Spinney Sounds Off

The Foreclosure Game Tricks and Traps in the Fine Print

By RALPH NADER, Counterpunch

This time the big banks and mortgage servicing companies, with their long, one-sided fine print contracts, may have outsmarted themselves. The newspaper headlines and the network television news are blazing news of the erupting fraudulent foreclosure process. This long-overdue coverage is generating public visibility and suddenly hundreds of thousands of foreclosures may be questioned due to what one commentator delicately called “flawed paperwork.”

Ralph Nader

That is a euphemism for fraudulently executed contracts violative of state laws regarding home title changes. Read full article online….

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