Journal: Three Days of Attention for Homeless Vets

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WATCH: Can Three Days Make A Difference For Homeless Veterans?

On Sunday, 60 Minutes reported on a visit to San Diego, where a yearly “Stand Down” event for homeless veterans is designed to change lives in just three days.

A skeptical Scott Pelley found that while the event’s clean, safe and empathetic environment can’t fix the problems homeless veterans face, the event serves as a “ceasefire” to show vets that they aren’t alone.

Phi Beta Iota: There are two threads here, the first being that attention is healing and nurturing, whether it is new-borne babies or hardened vets.  The second is that this is a complete break from treating homeless vets or homeless anyone as “the other” that is not “noticed” as if they did not exist.  San Diego has done a good thing with this annual event, it ought to take place all across America.

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