Reference: Daring to Dream

Collaboration Zones, Communities of Practice, Key Players, Policies

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Seven Challenges

1.  Restoring Belief in the Future  to Overcome Fear, Pessimism, and Passivity

2.  Cultivating Leaders Who are Thoughtful, Inspiring, and Think Long-Term

3.  Empowering Six Billion People Economically and Politically

4.  Harmonizing Cultural, Racial, and Gender Differences in a  Globalizing World

5.  Reinventing an Outdated Educational System for the 21st Century

6.  Guiding Technological Progress Wisely

7.  Addressing Climate Change and Creating Social and Environmental Responsibility

Tip of the Hat to Paul Harper.

Phi Beta Iota: There are two sucking chest wounds in this otherwise superb report:  first, the complete absence of any sort of strategic analytic model with which to actually inform decisions; and second, the no doubt deliberate avoidance of the raw fact that corruption is the single largest obstacle to achieving any of these dreams, the reason the public strategic analytic model and public intelligence in the public interest are needed.

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