Journal: Lost in the White House–What Might be Best for America….

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In this thoughtful piece, Bob Burnett uses the word progressive, with which
I don¹t disagree.  But from another vantage, I see him articulating a
transpartisan message that Jim Turner and Lawry Chickering put forward in
their seminal book Voice of the People: the Transpartisan Imperative in
American Life
and that Bruce Shuman describes in The Emerging Transpartisan

Not only progressives, but independents, moderate Republicans, third party
and third force members and those who don¹t vote for whatever reason will
resonate with Burnett’s three pillars of a progressive message —  a
significant majority of Americans.  Robert Fuller might add that the three
pillars Burnett articulates are core elements in overcoming ranksim and
building a dignitarian society, which is also a transpartisan society.

Phi Beta Iota: There are 65 parties in America, and the ostensible front for the Independents,, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg that sold out early to No Labels.  For a hard-hitting piece on three things America needs that the White House (or any billionaire) could sponsor, see Personal for Mike Bloomberg.

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