Event: 16-17 Feb, NYC, Intelligent Infrastructure hosted by The Economist

03 Economy, 11 Society, Academia, Civil Society, Commerce, Government, Media, Non-Governmental

From their website: “The Economist believes that human progress relies on the advancement of good ideas. The Ideas Economy brings together top thinkers from around the world, and you, to discuss and debate the most important ideas of our time.”
Comment: “..the most important ideas of our time.” Cost: between $595-$1,595 (+$9.95 fee). Why not have a more affordable entrance fee if the ideas are the most important? At least stream the event live for a very affordable fee (or free).

event info

+Vivek Kundra – Chief Information Officer US
+Frank Gehry – Partner of Gehry Partners
+Nicholas Negroponte – Founder/Chairman of One Laptop per Child
+Richard Newell – Admin U.S. Energy Info Admin
+Henry Cisneros – Chairman CityView
+Judith Rodin – President The Rockefeller Foundation

+ Representatives of The Economist Magazine Have Attended Nearly Every Bilderberg Meeting Since 1978
+ World Economic Forum live stream

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