Journal: Strategies & Technologies Russian Analyst on Chinese Stealth “Demonstrator”

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China jet upstages US defence chief visit
Sydney Morning Herald

VIDEO: Stealth Race: China test flies Chengdu J-20 ‘Black Eagle'

Key point: It's a demonstrator, not a production model.  China is years from getting to production model.

VISIT: Centre for Analysis of Strategies & Technologies (CAST)

Minor league open source on plasma stealth:

Secret revealed: China’s 4th-generation fighter plane will use the plasma stealth technology

Mo, J. J., S. B. Liu, and N. C. Yuan, “Study on basic theory for plasma stealth,Modern Radar, Vol. 22, No. 3, 9–12, 2002 (in. Chinese)

Test question: In what year did CIA OSC produce its first in-depth report on Chinese use of plasma stealth?
Test question: In what year did CIA OSC discover that it could use the Chinese version of the Science Citation Index?
Test question: In what year did CIA OSC discover that patent analysis in Chinese of Chinese patents is richly rewarding?

Great blog quote:

The technological superiority that US once enjoyed in the domain of fighter planes , avionics and air to air missiles is being eroded thanks to number of factors like involvement in expensive overseas wars( Afghanistan+ Iraq), economic melt-down, non-availability of funds for R&D, lazy and lethargic students, dearth of genius level/highly talented technologists and scientists, the problem has been compounded owing to the fact that potential talented immigrant (s) is scared off by bullies of homeland security and FBI.

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