Muslim Demographics–Dominant by 2050)

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Muslim Demographics (7:31)

2.11 children per family required to maintain a culture.

Muslims births outpacing Christians including Catholics

Muslim immigration plus immigrant birthrate swamping West

Phi Beta Iota: When governments lack a strategic analytic model and a holistic as well as honest planning, programming, and policy process, they fail to provide for culture and education as well as water and other essentials.  The era of governments being “in charge” appears to be winding down.  The era of hybrid  networks leveraging shared information to achieve consensus on “who are we and who do we want to be” appears emergent.  This is advanced cyber/information operations in gestation.

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Phi Beta Iota: Lesbians and Gays are biological way stations between female (the default for everyone) and male.  The Industrial Era impact on agriculture, family, food, health, and bio-economics is still not understood.  The reality is that between dropping sperm counts and bio-cultural changes including growing industrial-based diseases, the West is committing cultural suicide.

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