Internet and Revolution–Three Insights

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In Egypt, a Facebook page administrator known only by the handle El Shaheeed, or Martyr, is one of the driving forces behind the historic protests. Mike Giglio tracks down the mysterious figure, who talks about his crucial role in organizing the demonstrations.

Iran’s Green Revolution had a martyr named Neda, a 26-year-old woman gunned down in the streets of Tehran. Tunisia’s was Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed university graduate who set himself ablaze outside a government building. Egypt’s is Khaled Said—because someone has been agitating under the dead man’s name.

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A scientist at the network security company Arbor Networks has used data from 80 Internet service providers around the world to create an image of the Internet block in Egypt.

The graphic, which was compiled using anonymous traffic engineering statistics, shows traffic to and from Egypt dropping sharply around 5:20 p.m. ET. As of about three hours ago, traffic has not picked back up.

Craig Labovitz, the creator of the graphic and chief scientist at Arbor Networks, says that he found no evidence of Internet disruption in Syria, debunking a report from Al Arabiya earlier Friday that suggested all service in Syria had been cut off.

Tip of the Hat to DefDog and Chuck Spinney.

“The Internet interprets censorship as an outage and routes around it.” John Perry Barlow at OSS '92

There is some confusion over who said it first, but there is no doubt that two of the greatest minds reflecting on the role of the Internet in relation to social justice and freedom have both said the same thing. – the article in which the quote first appeared: “There have been sporadic attempts by local network managers to crack down on the raunchier discussion groups, but as Internet pioneer John Gilmore puts it, ‘The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.'” – (John G. says here he's not sure when he first said it.) Under “Things I've Said.”

It's pretty well established as a Gilmore quote; could've been 1992 though the usual cite is the Time 1993 piece.

Tip of the Hat to Jon Lebkowsky.

Phi Beta Iota: Ham Radio enthusiasts are the first acknowledged “hackers.”  The time has  come for all hackers to focus on the open source tri-fecta: Open Spectrum, Open Source Software, and  Open Source Intelligence.  Start with OpenBTS.

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