Shihab Rattansi lays bare US hypocrisy on Egypt

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The 7 minute video at the link below is painfully embarrassing to watch, but it is quite revealing with regard to the dysfunctionality of our foreign policy and the state of decay in the U.S. mainstream media.  Chuck

Al Jazeera International is head and shoulders above all competitors in the MSM and Shihab Rattansi is by far the best news anchor currently on air. There is much journalists could learn from him. In the following interview with PJ Crowley watch Rattansi straitjacket the usually slick US State Department spokesman with relentless questions about the difference in US responses to Tunisia and Egypt and the applicability of pronouncements made in one instance to the other. Crowley appears disappointed that Rattansi is unwilling to abide by the convention of Western MSM which requires a newsman to take an evasion as a cue for moving on to a different subject.

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