Dignitarian & Transpartisan World Emerging?

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Dignitarian World Emerging: Arianna's Blog Predicts the Future

Pamela GerloffPamela Gerloff
Writer and educator, specialist in transformational change

Huffington Post, January 2, 2011 12:49 AM
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What's happening in Brazil and Chile heralds a new era emerging now on the planet, vividly demonstrating that there is a way to solve the problems we currently face. That path to resolution, and the term for the phenomenon Arianna describes, is dignitarian. In its simplest form, it means acting to protect, enhance, and serve the dignity of all. Not just special interests and lobbyists, banks and financiers, corporations, or political factions; not just friends and family or your network of buddies; and not just the people who voted for you or whom you officially represent. To be dignitarian means to protect the dignity of all. All of the people, all of the time. Regardless of our role in life–whether we're considered a “somebody” or a “nobody” or something in between–we can all be dignitarians, and now a few countries are showing us how.

Dignity is the principle that explains why, in one moment, a conservative politician might choose a course of action that's considered politically liberal and, in another, stick to the party line. Or why two opposing political parties can find common goals, such as becoming the first country to eliminate poverty. The deciding factor–whether articulated or not–is dignity. The question to ask is always: Does this decision, this initiative, this approach, serve the dignity of all? This is transpartisan politics at its best. It is also leadership in its purest form.

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