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Phi Beta Iota: We concur with Contributor John Steiner, who sends this direct message from Link TV for consideration by one and all.  They have been added as both a Professional Site and a Righteous Site.

Link TV

Dear Friend,

Sometimes in the life of an organization, there is a defining moment— one that validates everything you believe in and stand for.

For Link TV, the democratic uprising in the Middle East has been that moment. When the people of Tunisia and Egypt roared for democracy, we brought you more than 14 hours a day of unfiltered global news from Link TV’s Mosaic, Democracy Now! and Al Jazeera English.

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For more than a decade, Link TV has been connecting you to the world. Our independence has allowed us to bring you the voices you can’t hear anywhere else. We’re fueled by the courage of our convictions. As a viewer-supported non-profit that’s not accountable to special interests, Link TV airs programs because they’re important to you.  That’s why:

  • Long before the American news anchors parachuted into Cairo, we were bringing you the story through the lens of 28 different Middle Eastern broadcasters in Mosaic: World News from the Middle East.
  • Viewers are thanking us for the expanded coverage of these historic events. As one viewer wote: Link TV has restored my faith in journalism.

The story of Egypt is not over, and neither is our coverage. Our pledge to you is that we will continue to bring you the comprehensive news from around the world, told from the inside, by people who live and breathe the story they are covering.

Now we ask you to support our efforts. Make a donation here today so we can continue our expanded coverage of these historic events. With your help, Link TV will bring you this story—and groundbreaking events in the future—from start to finish.

Thank you!


Karen Stevenson

Karen Stevenson
CEO & President, Link TV

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