Catholic Church Getting Serious About “Truth”

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VATICAN-PHILOSOPHY Mar-22-2011 (360 words) With photos. xxxi

Vatican says church philosophy studies must combat suspicion of truth

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski talks about new norms for the ecclesiastical studies of philosophy. (CNS/Alessandro Serrano, Catholic Press Photo) 





By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — When training priests and educating students in philosophy, the Catholic Church must combat a widespread sensation that there really is no such thing as permanent, objective truths, a new Vatican document said.

Because so many students are influenced by the cultural suspicion of truth, the Vatican said it will require an extra year of study before a student can earn a church-recognized bachelor's degree in philosophy.

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Phi Beta Iota: Something very important is happening within the Catholic Church.  The Most Holy Father Benedict XVI is a “convergence Pope” and moving on multiple fronts.  He is seeking to reconcile religion with science; philosophy with theology; logic with pastoral direction.  In short, His Holiness is deepening and elaborating on initiatives begun by Pope John Paul II, to include pro-active inter-faith and pro-active science and religion summits.  Faith matters.  History matters.  Science matters.  There is something happening here that is potentially a revolution in global human evolutionary psychology.

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