Bruce Sterling at SXSW 2011–Brilliance on Twitter

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Bruce Sterling

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Phi Beta Iota: Jon Lebkowsky, himself a hero of the Hacker Revolution, has done something cool here.

  • 01 At Southby, science fiction authors talk like they know what’s going on.
  • 02 “There are people here who are younger than the event.”
  • 03 All the political language has been rendered toxic.
  • 04 Polarizing brand management. Culture wars. Politics from POV of a design critic.
  • 05 As a design critic, I criticize stuff that doesn’t exist yet.
  • 06 Bruce Sterling shows Worldchanging 2.0 (the book) at sxsw.
  • 07 Passionate virtuosity…. the ideas in Worldchanging 2.0 are passionate but lack virtuosity.
  • 08 We’ve got a series of problems that are poorly recognized.
  • 09 In our society, we don’t have any passionate virtuosity.Our political situation is the opposite, disgusted incompetence.

  • 10 Craig Ventner was at SXSW because he’s trying to reframe 20c genetic engineeering as 21stc synthetic biology.
  • 11 Beautiful social network for synthetic biology: (expand)
  • 12 You cn do whatever you want to a microbe and no hippie will show up with a protest sign. Microbes are not in the Bible.
  • 13 ExxonMobil is the personification of corporate evil. (applause)
  • 14 ExxonMobil are not the only political malefactors, they’re just the best connected.
  • 15 Talking about Berlusconi – he’s a head of state behaving like Hugh Hefner. This is a big deal in Italy.
  • 16 People don’t want to throw Berlusconi out, because they fear some kind of economic upheaval.
  • 17 Republicans: “a joke to anyone outside the range of Fox News.”
  • 18 Catholic Church borgia-like devil’s bargain with Berlusconi to get the legislation they want.
  • 19 Obese people in the US: “Imagine if the Statue of Liberty looked like that.” It brings out one’s inner Bill Hicks.
  • 20 What worries me is the response to things that take courage and virtuosity and passion to work out, like disaster response.
  • 21 Who would save us from the BP? We’re incapable of rapid deciseve action, and the world demands that sometimes.
  • 22 They pretend to govern, we pretend to obey.
  • 23 Young people are the victims of a decaying status qo.
  • 24 Boomers, shut up! What you should study now is collaborative consumption, technomadism.
  • 25 You need to take power, millenials. I’ll vote for ya! You need a global youth movement.
  • 26 “Move to Austin, take over the town!”
  • 27 This is an era of organized deception! Days of rage, baby. Be realistic, demand the impossible.
  • 28 Closing with a Garibaldi quote. “I offer only hunger, thirst, forced marches, battle, and death.” And people went for that.
  • 29 “Women of Italy, cast away all the cowards from your embraces.” SXSW looks like a new world because it’s got women in it.

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