Chuck Spinney Inquires: Is Politics Bullshit?

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Chuck Spinney

The US is fighting three wars (either losing them or stalemating at best), its economy teeters on the cusp of a double dip recession, the distribution of income is the most skewed of all the advanced countries, and this is what dominates politics — and to think, we were brought up to hold the decadence of the Roman circuses in contempt.

Obama releases birth certificate to ‘end silliness’

The Guardian World News 4/27/11 9:20 AM Richard Adams, Paul Owen

Phi Beta Iota: Brother Spinney’s question is rhetorical.  Politics died with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and has been a theatrical performance ever since–over-priced, we might add.  Hybrid networks that harmonize on the basis of shared information are increasingly routing around “imitation” governments.