FBI Wages Its Own Cyberwar on Zombie PCs

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Potential to be very dangerous, although they are requesting permission and suggest there are problems associated with the removal of the malware, it represents another government intrusion under the guise of protecting the public…….requires serious consideration and oversight, both of which are lacking in government….

FBI May Hunt Down and Destroy Botnets in Zombie PCs

FBI May Hunt Down and Destroy Botnets in Zombie PCs

By Erika Morphy


04/27/11 3:26 PM PT

The FBI isn't satisfied with having beheaded the Coreflood botnet. Now it wants to go after all the zombie PCs hosting the malware, uninstall it, and thus prevent the monster from springing back to life. Individuals would be notified and their authorization secured before any action would be taken, a complicated and daunting process. Security experts are hailing the ambitious government plan as nothing short of amazing.

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Phi Beta Iota: Evidently the FBI a) has done some very decent work in this area; b) Cyber-Command is not defending the USA against this threat that originates in China and Russia among other places; and c) there is still no emphasis on creating hardware and software with integrity such as Apple creates–this is a Microsoft “shitty software” problem, and the taxpayer is paying for it.

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