Reference: Five Major Trends Into the Future Include Severe Weather (More Severe, Frequent, & Costly)

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Trocaire reports severe weather as global trend

ThePost.IE 20 March 2011 By John Burke

An increase in severe weather incidents has been identified as one of the five major trends in global development aid.

The trends, which also include shifting geopolitical alliances, urban poverty, demand for natural resources and widening inequality, are contained in a new report by Irish aid organisation Trocaire.

The report, which was compiled using interviews with more than 100 global aid and development experts, will be published on Tuesday at the Leading Edge 2020 Conference in Dublin city centre.

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Leading Edge 2020 Home Page

Download the report:  Leading Edge 2020: Critical Thinking on the Future of International Development.

Biographies of Leading Edge 2020 Conference speakers

Phi Beta Iota: Severe weather trends are an act of man, not of God.  Global warming is an important but by no means the sole or even the most important environmental degradation component.

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