Global Conversation on Internet Freedom

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YAY Bucky Fuller!

Strangely enough, with all the nightmare scenario’s currently playing out, their corollary, our best dreams are also playing out.

The stuff about being targeted and persecuted, shut-down etc. becomes irrelevant in the face of a few billion users who are able to leapfrog the existing infrastructure and communicate directly with one another. Meanwhile the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) would probably be happy to extend their wing for us to gather under.

The prolific depth of mobile phone access around the world, along with the radical decrease in cost of web capable devices, paints a picture of a planetary population about to demand an alternative method of communicating besides paying a monthly fee to some telco.

Cheap hardware plus electricity should equal communicative ability!

If we don’t do it, some kid in Kinshasa will – well, she will, whether we do it or not.. maybe she already has.

There are also other discussions happening and the most relevant I see is this one:

Anon is having a brainstorming session on 14th April, all day, to discuss “a parallel internet”. You can find their IRC room at: #anonsec

In terms of sheer numbers of users and real world trial and error/lessons learned recently with the efforts to support Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, China using a variety of ‘darknet’ and packet management techniques; there is a very compelling case for us all to attend.

This is a user community that would gravitate toward anything that worked ‘better’ and are very capable of driving a meme into production.

In the end, everyone will gravitate to whatever works better. Slow and free with a prospect of getting much, much, faster is also qualified as being ‘better’ by a growing population. Slow, free and available in the bush is also ‘better’ for about four Billion people. Enough to start things off anyway. By the time it gets fast enough, Western consumers will gladly jump onboard.

Tip of the Hat to Om Goeckerman at Google Group Distributed Decentralized Internet.

Phi Beta Iota: Infinite free energy is close and will not be “locked up.”  That will enable local to global clouds.  Open Farm approach applied to Open Communications is going to take us the rest of the way, starting with OpenBTS (Range Networks).

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