Graphic: Climate Change Drill Down Method

Analysis, Citizen-Centered, Collection, Earth Orientation, Geospatial, History, ICT-IT, Innovation, Multinational Plus, Policies-Harmonization, Political, Processing, Reform, Strategy-Holistic Coherence, Threats, Tribes, True Cost
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Phi Beta Iota: The citation analytics pioneered by Dick Klavans and others using Eugene Garfield's pioneering of the Social Science Citation Index and the Science Citation Index can now be complemented by Doug Englebart's Open Hypertextdocument System and other forms of linking at the paragraph or datum level.  HOWEVER, we must first come to grips with the reality that knowledge is severely fragmented, and we lack “integrationists” who can bridge disciplinary and domain gaps–this is why M4IS2 is the implementation concept for creating the World Brain and Global Game.  When “true cost” becomes the fundamental datum on any element, huge advances will be made in public intelligence and consciousness.

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