Ron Paul’s Moment?

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Michael Ostrolenk

Politico The Arena, 26 April 2011

The Ron Paul Revolution in 2008 and the tea party movement that followed shows that the American conservative mainstream is starting to awaken to its own pre-neocon past and potential future. It is seeing itself as the bulwark needed to protect our Republic, the rule of law, individual liberty and our fiscal health against those in both parties whose policies have taken the United State to the precipice of disaster.

For those who think both constitutionally as Dr. Paul does and systemically, it's impossible to distinguish between our national debt and our foreign policy. Dr. Paul is one of the few candidates who offers an integrated and systemic way of understanding the difficulties we face as a country and the means to restore our Republic.

The systemic understanding looks at the collusion between big business and big government, the central bank and the political elite. This includes the military-industrial complex, the medical/agricultural-industrial complex and the security-industrial complex among others. By breaking those ties that end up binding us as tax payers and citizens by following the Constitution, Dr. Paul has given us a path to sanity. As a true conservative whose tool for economic analysis is Austrian Economics, Dr. Paul opposes fiat currencies, central planning ( including a central bank i.e. the Federal Reserve), and is a proponent of true free markets.

He also, following in our Founding Fathers foot steps, calls for an end to entangling alliances that deprive us of our treasure and in many cases the lives of our young men and women. He is not blind to the dangers of the world but does not seek to create new enemies and bogeymen. Dr Paul wants the United States to have the best-trained and armed defense forces in the world but one's that are used only to protect the United States and our strict national interests. His stances are the stances of many if not most in the tea party and the conservative movement as well as a growing number of independents.

Even for those who disagree with Dr. Paul on a few of his stances , most recognize the need for debate and a rethinking of so much of our governments policies. His ideas are now becoming mainstream conservative ideas.

Phi Beta Iota: This web site does not endorse candidates or specific policies but does offer insights into any candidate that displays a grain of commitment to public intelligence in the public interest.  Ron Paul has given no evidence of being willing to break from the two-party system that is corruption incarnate, but he is alone among all candidates now known to the public in his focus on restoring Constitutional integrity.

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