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Here are the concise references focused on revolution.  For corruption, collective intelligence, open space and other methods of non-violent consensus building and emergence, see the lists at the end of this post.

Preconditions of Revolution in the USA Today

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Here is the bottom line:

1.  The concentration of wealth is historically the primary cause of insurgencies and uprisings.  Real revolutions that are comprehensive are few–if any.   Democracy was corrupted so quickly it cannot be said to have been anything other than an interregum.  Panarchy, not anarchy, will be the real revolution.

2.  There are over 5,000 secessionist movements world-wide, all existing because the imitation states above them lack legitimacy and have failed to provide the cohesive sustaining services of common concern in an egalitarian manner.  The fastest path to peace is to honor the historic separateness of these specific communities, while using shared information to achieve harmonization as needed.

3.  Non-violent demographics will triumph over corruption backed up by violence in the 21st century.  Social media and the autonomous Internet help to create a human mass vastly more coherent than inherently limited weapons, formations, and violence.  Violence is counter-revolutionary.  By its very nature, violence cannot be comprehensive.

4.  Will and Ariel Durant in The Lessons of History point out that the only real revolution is the revolution of the mind, and the only sustainable revolution is the one that recognizes that every human being is a priceless infinite combination of culture, energy, and intelligence.  Such a revolution creates infinite wealth, with transparency eradicating corruption through truth, and truth creating trust.  Secular corruption is the primary obstacle to inter-faith harmony; religion and science both seek the truth; politics and intelligence are true partners for peace and prosperity only when they both have deep unwavering integrity.

5.  The most effective violence in the above context is suicidal violence.  Buddhist monks and Tunesian workers who burn themselves to death accelerate the already strong cognitive dissonance between those in power and the much larger masses who can see the burning individuals as “everyman.”  Murderous violence is not effective in the long run, and now with Internet tools and soon the Autonomous Internet, non-violent mass demonstration is even more superior to violent revolts than ever before.

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