Bin Laden Show 60: Balanced Muslim Perspective

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The bin Laden wedge

Uthman Badar, ABC Australia, 13 May 2011

Uthman Badar My phone ran hot last week with calls from media. After giving numerous interviews to TV, radio, and print media, there was a discernable pattern as to what journalists were after.


The reality of what most Muslims thought was, of course, far more nuanced and, dare I say it, reasonable. On our part, we had issued a statement on the killing of bin Laden in which we highlighted the substantive points on the matter.

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One, Western Governments have committed far greater acts of terrorism than any individual. Two, the issue is not the person of bin Laden but the context of his struggle being a struggle of resistance against Western imperialism in the Muslim World – a resistance which Muslims globally relate to. Third, the killing of bin Laden was no real victory, it would make little difference on the ground, and the ‘War on Terror’, on the whole, was in fact a resounding failure.

These assertions confounded, apparently, most of the journalists.

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