Bin Laden Show 46: Blackwater Blown in Abottabad in January 2010

07 Other Atrocities, 08 Wild Cards, 10 Security, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, IO Impotency
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Phi Beta Iota: We like the presentation format, and we respect the fact that this was posted in 2010, over a year ago.  This should be an orchestrated “open web” rather than a closed  limited dissemination offering.  It is an accurate representation of something the CIA clandestine culture–and even less so the Blackwater and contractor culture–refuse to acknowledge: indigenous counter-intelligence is inherent, intuitive, and impossible to avoid.  As Reuel Gerecht, a former clandestine case officer now with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies has noted, CIA just does not do operations where diarrhea is the daily norm.  This lends added credence to the likelihood that the Bin Laden Show was a fully joint operation with the Pakistanis, and that Bin Laden was NOT there–with this kind of counterintelligence at his service, it is certain the Pakistanis responsible for protecting him if he were alive would have moved him.

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