Human Trafficking Funded by US Taxpayer

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The Najlaa Episode Revisited


Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

June 14, 2011

Documents Reveal Details of Alleged Labor Trafficking by KBR Subcontractor


An Estimated Quarter of a Million Victims

There are no definitive numbers on the scale of labor trafficking. However, writing in Fraud magazine, supply chain compliance consultant Sindhu P. Kavinamannil and former federal prosecutor Sam McCahon estimate that “DOD contractors and their subcontractors in Iraq have victimized more than 250,000 men. That number does not include other agencies, such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, which uses TCN-contracted labor in support of its operations.” TCN stands for third country nationals.


Najlaa International Catering Services (Najlaa), based in Kuwait, is part of the Eastern Solutions Group whose CEO is Bill Baisey.   …   Najlaa also has a contract with the Army for housekeeping services in Kuwait and according to sources, has other contracts directly with the Army. Since 2006, Eastern Solutions has been awarded at least 25 direct contracts with the Army for various work in Iraq and Kuwait worth around $4 million, according to

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Phi Beta Iota: KBR has been implicated in drug smuggling, money laundering, and now human trafficking, over many decades.  As with Wall Street crimes, crimes committed under government contracts also fail to send people to jail.  In our view, it is a crime against humanity to import laborers to a country instead of paying fair wages to indigenous employees, and this should not be permitted by the US taxpayer, who has been lied to for decades.

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