Mitt Romney is Not Ignorant–Just Delusional…

11 Society, Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is a decent human being with the best of intentions.  He is also delusional.  He really believes there are only two parties that matter in the USA, and he really believes that the government is unique in being responsive to a free people.

He does not believe we have a two-party tyranny in which 56% or so of the eligible voters vote, and 30% elect the “winner.”  He does not believe that the ballot access laws are stacked to eliminate all competitors to the two-party tryanny.

He is incapable of uttering the word “corruption” as in “corruption is the primary characteristic of both of the political parties, of Congress, of the Executive, and of everything associated with them.”  Mitt Romney is delusional.  He is the best of the “status quo” candidates, the most articulate, and also the most unsuited to actually change anything to restore the Republic.

Mitt Romney is NOT going to make any promises to America, much less the Seven Promises that are fundamental to restoring the Republic and the prosperity in peace of America the Beautiful.

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