Seven Promises to America–Who Will Do This?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

UPDATED 26 Oct 2011 to add YouTube overview

Seven Promises to America – Raising the Bar for 2012

UPDATED 20 June 2011 after talking to Cynthia McKinney.  Changes 7th promise to subsume End of Empire to Start of Green Non-Zero World that works for all.

Over the course of the past decade, as I have turned to non-fiction reading and reflections on integrity and intelligence, I have come to realize just how corrupt the US Government is at the political level, and how compliant the good people are that are trapped within a very bad system.

Below are the 7 promises I would demand of anyone who aspires to be President of the United States of America.  I know of no one else who can credibly commit to these 7 promises.

1.  Electoral Reform (9 points, 1 page)

2.  End individual & business taxation, do Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax

3.  Select a Coalition Cabinet prior to the primaries, to participate in general debates

4.  Create a balanced budget using participatory budgeting that fully engages all voters

5.  Strive for Full Employment for all US citizens, retooling for sustainable resilience

6.  Illegal workers will be deported at the expense of those who hired them with 100X fine

7.  Strive immediately toward a Non-Zero World that works for all–for 100% of humanity as envisioned by Buckminster Fuller, Medard Gabel, and Russell Ackoff, among others.  Create the Open Source Agency as included in the Campaign for Liberty and the 9-11 Commission Report, but under diplomatic auspices and with the intent of achieving rapid sustainable prosperity across America the Beautiful, nurture global Autonomous Internet to empower the five billion poor with free cell phones, free access to call centers and virtual networks that educate “one cell call at a time,” so they create their own wealth & peace;  and achieve End of Empire.

There is nothing here about confiscation of ill-gotten gains.  Confiscating all that money would be a waste of time because even if distributed it would be a few dollars for every poor person.  What matters is that we start doing the right things now.  In combination, the APT Tax and the eradication of the false inflated prices for the 75 top drugs bought by Medicare (available for 1% of what we pay to those outside the USA), along with confronting the financial, energy, and military-industrial complexes, will wipe out the deficit and rebuild America

I am looking for a Presidential candidate that will make these 7 promises.  If one cannot be found, I am available and mobile.  What does it say about a country when not a single person now serving or campaigning to serve can credibly make these 7 promises?

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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