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I suppose a lack of integrity makes it impossible to learn….

US Army's $2.7bn Intel-sharing computer still not up-to-speed at work

Afghanistan Sun

Saturday 9th July, 2011 (ANI)

The Distributed Common Ground System, the US Army's 2.7 billion dollars computing system that was designed to share intelligence with troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, has proved to be a bit of a dud because ‘it doesn't work' properly, analysts have said.

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However, analysts believe that the DCGS-A was unable to perform simple analytical tasks in the past, and complained that its search tool made finding the information difficult. They also said that the software that is used to map the information was not compatible with the search software.

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They also detailed problems with the hardware, insisting that the system is vulnerable because it is prone to crashes and faces dangers of going off-line frequently.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is the norm for all acquisition now.  Apart from needing integrity in all matters, the information paradigm must change, as so many outlined from 1988 onwards.

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