Koko: US EPA & Ford Commit Massive Atrocity

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Koko the Reflexive

Robert Redford's Son Exposes US Toxic Disaster

The Associated Press  –  Jul 15, 2011

Robert Redford's son Jamie and film co-director Micah Fink on their documentary, premiering July 18 on HBO, about one of the largest toxic-waste cases in U.S. history. (July 15)

Phi Beta Iota:  This is complete documentation of a massive atrocity to which the US Government is a co-conspirator.  There is absolutely no question but that Ford Motor Company executives–including the Board of Directors–should be indicted and investigated.    There is also no question but that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “leadership” then and now should be investigated.  Sadly, Congress is itself impeachable.  The US Government (and the two parties that front for Wall Street) are NOT the public's friend–they are bought and paid for–CORRUPT.  We are long overdue for “The Virgin Truth” as a brand able to provide intelligence with integrity in the public interest.

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