Stephen E. Arnold : The Landscape of Enterprise Search

5 Star, Change & Innovation, Complexity & Catastrophe, Education (General), Information Operations
Stephen E. Arnold

Stephen E. Arnold: The New Landscape of Enterprise Search. A Critical Review of the Market and Search Systems. Published by Pandia, Oslo, Norway, 2011.
ISBN: 978-82-998676-0-3

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The following enterprise search companies are covered in detail:

Google Search Solutions
Microsoft and Fast

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Phi Beta Iota:  For over fifteen years Stephen E. Arnold has been the “virtual CTO” for OSS.Net (ceased operations at end of 2010) and Earth Intelligence Network, of which he is a founding partner.  We have reviewed the 154-page document, and as with all publications by Stephen E. Arnold, author of the still-trenchant Google Trilogy, have found it to be deeply helpful including sharp but polite eviseration of both Google and Microsoft (Microsoft comes out ahead of Google, but has its own sucking chest wounds).  What is clear to us is that none of the major vendors are serious about  the necessary migration to open source software that integrates information sharing, multi-media analytics, cross-disciplinary directories, and deep web applications, for example, integrating c drives and emails across all poverty stakeholders.  The big new trend in this book–and in our own research–is the compelling nature of five minute videos as documents of lasting value.  We are seeing this in open education and non-government decision-support.  Combine that with on demand translation and the way is open for someone to create the M4IS2 system of the future.  We doubt it will be Google, and we are certain it will include OpenBTS for the three billion poor, the center of gravity for future knowledge.

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