Koko: The Science of Spying 1965

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YouTube: The Science of Spying 1965

The Science of Spying. NBC show narrated by John Chancellor donated to the US government. Purchased from the US National Archives via Amazon. Also can be downloaded free.

Koko:  See the comments for insights on how the attentive public is reacting to this film.

Phi Beta Iota:  The reason we emphasize integrity on this website is because it has been so visibly lacking in the US Government, and especially so in relations between the secret intelligence world and the White House.  It is now clear that a series of Presidents have abused their power when directors of central or national intelligence have been willing to prostitute themselves; while at the same time, and mostly during the Allen Dulles era, but also under others, the secret world has lied–has committed treason–to the President and his senior advisors.  We continue to be skeptical of the alleged assassination and disposal of Bin Laden.  More generally, the secret world today is largely worthless to the public or the public interest, and exists primarily to channel taxpayer resources to beltway bandits who fund corrupt members of Congress (in fairness to the beltway bandits, it is the corrupt Representatives doing the shaking down).  “Intelligence” today is grotesquely immature and ill-suited to the complexities and nuances of the age.

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