Penguin: Taliban Plussing Up Anti-Air? Deja Vu….

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Who, Me?

Improvisation by the Taliban, combined with decades of strategic, intellectual, and integrity shortfalls in DoD, equal death traps in the air.  Note that the Taliban laid a trap to optimize body count AFTER the action was “over” and the helicopter  was “going home.”

Did a New Taliban Weapon Kill a Chopper Full of Navy SEALs?

David Axe

WIRED, 8 August 2011

The passengers and crew of the twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook helicopter probably never saw the rocket hurtling towards them. The explosion and fiery crash in Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan early on Saturday morning killed all 38 people aboard the lumbering chopper.

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For U.S. forces, it was the bloodiest single incident of the 10-year-old Afghanistan war — and possibly a sign of the insurgency’s continued ability to introduce new weaponry. The attack is also a chilling reminder of the vulnerability of the United States-lead coalition’s indispensable helicopters. “Shock and disbelief,” is how one official characterized the reaction inside the military.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We sense a Tet Offensive coming soon.  DoD is simply not up to a multi-front war, and the home front attack that has just begun, where Wall Street is throwing DoD under the bus, is beyond DoD's ability to comprehend, much less counter.

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