Robert Steele: Iran Arrests Twelve CIA Agents

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Iran Reportedly Arrests Twelve CIA Agents


US officials confessed on Tuesday that Iranian intelligence forces and Hezbollah have unraveled the CIA’s spy network in Iran and Lebanon and arrested dozens of informants, severely damaging the intelligence agency’s reputation and ability to gather vital information on the two countries at a sensitive time in the region.

A CIA-led program in the Middle East is up in the air after officials confirmed to news organizations today that paid informants in Iran and Lebanon working for the US government have disappeared while attempting to infiltrate Hezbollah.

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Steele Sends:  For DECADES I and others have been pointing out, in legal, ethical, public terms, the incapacity of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) across all fronts – clandestine operations, covert operations, analysis, administration, and what passes for management, which is merely a conventionally-dressed clown show.  We have been called “lunatic fringe,” disgruntled, and worse.  The fact of the matter is that I am probably more loyal to the Constitution and more loyal to the Republic and more loyal to the TRUE mission of US Intelligence than anyone now serving.  CIA lives immunity, not cover, and that immunity is now over.  CIA is incapable of conducting more than a handful of “denied area” clandestine operations, and they are now being confronted with the reality that the entire world is a denied area where they will be held accountable for being inept and where they might even be held accountable for crimes against humanity.  Without intelligence and integrity, the US government is nothing more than a front for Congressional looting, and everyone now serving should be deeply ashamed of their role in perpetuating Versailles on the Potomac.

In Passing:  I did not want to do a separate post on the reprehensible manner in which CIA is exploiting the death of Mike Spann in Afghanistan.  He was totally unqualified to be doing what he was sent to do, and inept CIA managers sent him to his death.  When you combine that with Khost Kathy, you get a better appreciation of the utter incompetence, arrogance, hubris, and general pasty-faced bloated psychopathology of CIA management, nowhere more ingained and out of control than in the Directorate of Operations.  CIA never had a strong bench to begin with.  Today they are, in my view, a danger to themselves and a danger to the Republic.

Footnote:  Mike Spann’s widow has been in dire financial straits in part because of the self-serving idiocy of CIA managers more interested in putting on a show hiding behind the flag, than in helping her remain employed and sustain her family.

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