Michel Bauwens: Reclaiming the Right to Insolvency

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Michel Bauwens

Reclaiming the Right to Insolvency


Michel Bauwens
5th December 2011

Excerpted from Franco Berardi:

“A new concept is coming out from the fogs of the present situation: a right to insolvency. We’ll not pay the debt.

The European countries have been obliged to accept the blackmail of debt, but people are refusing the concept that we have to pay for a debt that we have not taken. Anthropologist David Graeber, in his book Debt the first 5000 years, (Melville House, 2011), and philosopher Maurizio Lazzarato, in La fabrique de l’homme endetté (editions Amsterdam, 2011), have started an interesting reflection on the cultural origin of the notion of debt, and the psychic implications of the sense of guilt that the notion of debt brings in itself. And, in his essay, Recurring Dreams The Red Heart of Fascism, the Anglo-Italian young thinker Federico Campagna locates the analogy between the post Versailles Congress years and the present in the debt-obsession:

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Phi Beta Iota:  Gripping.  Mankind is at a philosophical turning point.  Organized people are confronting organized money, and the integrity of humanity is in the balance.

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