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Bert Laden

Another SEAL Book, Another Version, Colonel Mustard With A Mallot in the Music Room?

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Veterans Today, 12 January 2012

The Murdoch papers are carrying a new version of the bin Laden saga.  This one contains much of the fiction of the last 25, leaving out much as well.  Nothing is new, just a set of lies with some reason for them to be retold.  We know what that reason is, nobody takes a word of it seriously anymore, not the first stories, not the sea burial, not the execution of the world’s most valuable intelligence asset.

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Phi Beta Iota:  As with most major catastrophic failures, 9/11 has never been honestly and completely investigated.  What is clear to most who care to study the matter is that there are way too many inconsistencies, including Bin Laden having been known to be dead by 2002, Dick Cheney scheduling the 9/11 “exercise” months in advance, and a wide variety of books and DVDs, all more or less credible, that call into question both the details and the story in the aggregate.  The SEALS may have been told there were 30 people, but with heat sensing UAVs and all, there is no way CIA did not know this was false.  Our best informed guess is that the person killed was a patsy, set up the way Oswald was set up in the assassination of JFK, and the SEALS were unwitting accomplishes in one of the most outrageous pieces of political theater in international history.  The truth will come out one day.  In the interim, here is the latest in the sage, this time from a bona fide veteran's magazine with declared respect for Jesse Ventura.

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