Chuck Spinney: The Arrogance of Ignorance Plus Meta-RECAP

Corruption, Government, IO Impotency, Military
Chuck Spinney

We are fighting Islamism from ignorance, as we did the cold war

The west wasted trillions in needless conflict with the USSR. Now we are being brainwashed into confrontation with Iran

Simon Jenkins,, Thursday 1 March 2012 20.00 GMT

Were we wrong? I have lived through two global conflicts: the west against Russian communism and now the west against political Islam. The latter was caused by western leaders exaggerating a threat from a tiny group of terrorists to win popularity in war. But the former? Surely the cold war was a good war, a Manichean struggle between competing visions of how to order humanity. If not, then it must have been one of the great mistakes of all time, and a horrific waste of resources.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Brother Spinney knows full well that there is no ignorance among the “leaders” who make it so.  They are in this for the money.  The ignorance is our own, as a public.  Absent an educated engaged public, public policy is a tool for enriching the few, not the many.

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