DefDog: Army’s Mental Health Questionable

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Responding to Gordon Duff: Unit Murders In AF, Cover-Up Begins.

There is an investigation that has shed light on the poor medical support being provided at Ft. Lewis…….this may, in fact, be the result of sheer incompetence by the Army Medical Corps and the resultant hiding of the fact that soldiers are being blamed for the incompetence…..

POLL: Are Afghan Killings Reflective of Ongoing Problems at Joint Base Lewis-McChord?

Lewis-McChord: A Military Base With Many Problems

Joint Base Lewis-McChord: ‘The Most Troubled Base In The Military’

Shooting suspect's base no stranger to trouble

What we probably have here is systemic lack of integrity among the senior Pentagon/White House Staff.  The issue of mental problems at Ft. Lewis has been widely known yet we continue to send troops from there to combat zones…..a replay of the casual treatment of Walter Reed and the abuse of the amputees?  Has the Army lost its mind, literally?

Phi Beta Iota:  Two concepts have merit here.  The first is cognitive dissonance with moral disengagement.  When the national leadership lacks ethics and legitimacy, those it puts on the front lines must eventually fall prey to both cognitive dissonance and moral disengagement.  The second is related — situational leadership.  The unit (not one man) that went out into the night is reported to have been both drunk and laughing.    Where was t he chain of command and how did they get out the gate?  These wanton murders are a microcosm of the entire Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) that is divorced from America the Beautiful, the Republic, the Constitution, and any semblance of legitimacy whether national or international.

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