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Responding to Mini-Me: Obama Impeachable Over Afghan Massacre Cover-Up?

Sayed Ishaq Gillami (should be Gillani):  Sayed Ishaq Gailani (born 1954) represents Paktika in the Wolesi Jirga, Afghanistan’s lower house of parliament.[1] He is the founder and chairman of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan and currently serves on the Wolesi Jirga’s International Relations committee. While still an influential member of the Gailani family, he has claimed leadership of the family and adopted the title Pir. However, most of his family recognizes his uncle, Ahmad Gailani, as the leader of the family and the Qadiriyya Sufi order. (Pir is a title for a Sufi master equally used in the nath tradition. The title is often translated into English as “saint” and could be interpreted as
“Elder”. In Sufism a Pir’s role is to guide and instruct his disciples on the Sufi path.)  This means his credentials are impeccable (outside the discord within the family over the title Pir) and nobody in Afghanistan would accuse him of falsehood.

General Sher Mohammed Karimi: (from the article – of the Afghan Army) He is not just from the Afghan Army, he is in fact Chief of Staff.  I know the man personally and he bears no ill-will toward the US.  I would put much stock in what he says.  These two individuals, although not understood by our leadership, represent two of the most unbiased people in Afghanistan.  This alone lends great credence to their stories.  For ISAF/NATO and this Administration to be 180 degrees out will only serve to see a significant increase in attacks on ISAF/NATO personnel, all because of their position and not related to anything the ISAF/NATO personnel did.

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