David Swanson: Nobel Laureate Rejects State Department Event & Agenda

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David Swanson

Nobel Peace Laureate Rejects U.S. State Department – NATO – Chicago Agenda


Dear Friends,

I write to let you know that I have decided not to attend the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates on 23rd-25th April, 2012, in Chicago, USA.

On 10th April, Sec. of State H. Clinton appeared on video in US State Department Web announcing plans for the forthcoming Nobel Peace Laureates Summit and said ‘The US Department of State  is proud to be an active partner in this event’.

Sec. Clinton  gave details of how the US State Dept. is working with US embassies around the world, to bring twenty students and 4 teachers from 4 countries to Chicago and explained that video conferences and portals for live streaming of events, will be managed by US State department.

I have now decided, with some sadness, not to be associated in this Partnership as I do not agree with many of the Policies of the US State Department.  Indeed I have, as a Nobel Peace Laureate, (and  in the spirit of Alfred Nobel) often called for disbandment of NATO, end of militarism and war, and for  Disarmament and demilitarization.  I cannot therefore, in good conscience, be part of a Partnership with the US State Government  (NATO).  I also believe that my participation in such a partnership would compromise my position and put in jeopardy my work in the Middle East and other countries.

I  am very disappointed  that what is a great opportunity for young people, the Nobel Laureates and organizations to listen,  learn, and exchange friendships and experiences,  has been, I believe,  seriously compromised  in such a Partnership.

However, I hope it will be an enjoyable and educational summit particularly for all the young people, and I am deeply saddened not to be with you all.


Mairead  Maguire

Peace People, Northern Ireland



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