Review: Terror on the Tube – Behind the Veil of 7/7

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Nick Kollerstrom

5.0 out of 5 stars Depressing in the Extreme –,April 1, 2012

I received this book as a gift. Although I do not strive to focus on 9/11 and related terror (or false flag terror), because of my extensive reading that includes over 30 (out of 1800) books and DVD's on 9/11, I tend to get offered more free books from the alternative reality community. To access all my reviews of 9/11 and related terror materials, visit Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, and find the category 9/11 under Reviews.

Where my continuing interests intersect with the 9/11 and false flag world is with respect to “integrity” (or lack thereof) among all major institutions in the world today.

This book contains materials on the US 9/11 that I was not aware of, for example that the FEMA emergency response vans arrived in NYC on the night before 9/11.

It is a shame that Look Inside the Book is not available for this book, as that is one of Amazon's best features. This book has 19 chapters as well as an Introduction and Conclusion, and 10 excellent appendices. This is a reference book. It is a fact book. It is a book that represents the very best of citizen investigative journalism.

Here are the chapter titles:

1. Need for an Independent Inquiry
2. False-Flag Terror
3. Some Preliminary Events
4. July 7th, London
5. The Impossible Journey
6. The Illusion Fabricated
7. The Phantom Menace
8. The Trail up to Leeds
9 The Canary Wharf Executions and Muad'dib's Story
10. Insights from the Inquest
11. The Four Blast Scenes
12. Eyewitness Reports from the Tube Blasts
13. Magic Numbers and Synchronous Detonations
14. The Enigma of Mohammed Siddique Khan
15. Echoes of Phantom Terror
16. A Culture of Surveillance
17. The 7/7 Kingdom Trial
18. A Comparison: Madrid, 2004
19. Eternal War and False Flag Terror

1. No Terror in Europe
2. Israeli Security Frims
3. Numbering the Dead
4. Terror Drills
5. Three Lads and a Double Agent'
6. Line Closures
7. Fake Terror in Birmingham
8. The Luton ‘bombs' and the ABC Pictures
9. Explosives
10. Comments on Ahmed

I cannot say enough good things about the meticulous manner in which this boook lays out the convergence of planned government drills, Israeli security and video companies embedded across the US, UK, and Canada, the the facts including facts derived from tourist photos of public clocks. The bibliography is useful, covering books, journals, DVDs, and websites, and the index is particularly good, as befits a reference work of this caliber.

The long and the short of it:

1) The government story does not wash.

2) The dead do not add up.

3) The timing is totally off.

4) The explosives are totally off.

5) A reliable official investigation has not been completed.

6) On balance, the public has a sufficiency of evidence to indict public officials for false testimony and if indicted, to ulimately discover that public officials are in fact guilty of crimes against the public interest.

This is depressing in the extreme. I do NOT subscribe to the view that NATO has false flag cells all over Europe — I consider Italy a special caase — but it is clear that the lines between law enforcement, secret operations that our out of control, crime, the media (or I should say the controlled media) are all blurring. It is now almost impossible to rely on any official source, or any newspaper or broadcasting station, to actually provide the truth.

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