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Stuxnet cyberattack by US a ‘destabilizing and dangerous' course of action, security expert Bruce Schneier says

Schneier calls Stuxnet ‘mistake' for US, argues world needs to tackle cyber-arms control


Network World, June 18, 2012

Revelations by The New York Times that President Barack Obama in his role as commander in chief ordered the Stuxnet cyberattack against Iran's uranium-enrichment facility two years ago in cahoots with Israel is generating controversy, with Washington in an uproar over national-security leaks. But the important question is whether this covert action of sabotage against Iran, the first known major cyberattack authorized by a U.S. president, is the right course for the country to take. Are secret cyberattacks helping the U.S. solve geopolitical problems or actually making things worse?

Bruce Schneier, noted security expert and author, whose most recent book is “Liars and Outliers,” argues the U.S. made a mistake with Stuxnet, and he discusses why it's important for the world to tackle cyber-arms control now in an interview with Network World senior editor Ellen Messmer.

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The question is going to be debated whether Stuxnet was a good tactic to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon by sabotaging its facility through a malware attack in a covert action that was ultimately discovered. In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News last night, former National Security Agency director, retired Gen. Michael Hayden, said he thought it amounted to “taunting Iran.” Based on the mix of military leadership, governmental leadership and ethical questions it raises, is Stuxnet a suitable approach?

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ROBERT STEELE:  Bruce Schneier is wrong.  This is not something that can be micro-managed.  The UN is largely worthless, and so are most international organizatiions (with several being totally toxic).  The only solution to cyber-security is going with Open Source Everything.

THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO – Transparency, Truth, & Trust . . . the meme, the mind-set, and the method

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