NO LABELS Tries Again — Still Corrupt, Still Clueless

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Two Parties, One Idiot Idea

Phi Beta Iota:  they have been scorned out of existing twice now, but evidently Mike Bloomberg and his friends have not given up kludging together three failures to try to make lemonade, all three corrupt to the bone:

Independent Voters / Jackie Salit, well-funded stalking horse for Bloomberg, does not play well with others and specifically ignores both grass-root Independents and the six small parties.

Americans Elect, despite a great deal of money, could not overcome the abject obviousness of its internal corruption and the abysmal even shocking ineptitude of its web design and content management teams.

No Labels —  the  cartoon says it all.  These people really do not “get” the travesty of their dismissal of the six small parties that have been blocked from ballot access, or the shallowness of their general intellect.  No Labels, No Brains, No Balls.

Below the line is the email that went out across the land today.  What is shocking is the number of progressives angry at Obama who really think No Labels might be on to something.  For an example of what an honest viable alternative to the two-party tyranny might look like, see We the People Reform Coalition.  We can still save 2012, but it will require organized people, not organized false flag money.

ON A CONSTRUCTIVE NOTE:  If NO LABELS and Americans Elect would come together to sponsor an Electoral Reform Summit in early September 2012, they could restore the integrity of America.  They are probably not capable of making that ethical and intellectual leap, but if they did, they would in one instant achieve their alleged goals dishonored behind closed doors, and open the way for the Second Republic.  Add the six small parties, Occupy and the Tea Party and the Independents without Jackie Salit playing games, and it is “game over.”  There is NOTHING stopping the election of a coalition cabinet and a reform ticket in November 2012 except a lack of FOCUS by all those who share the same desire: to create a prosperous America at peace, to restore America the Beautiful.  We are the passive silent majority at this time.  We need to be the active vocal majority for the next 90 days.  90 days.

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From: “Nancy Jacobson, No Labels” <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012
Subject: breakthrough


Dear Dummy,

We’ve had a breakthrough: two nationally known political figures — one Republican and one Democrat — have signed on to lead this movement and will be unveiled on January 14 in New York City at the No Labels Meeting to Make America Work.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this without your past support. Will you help us out once again by pitching in $25 to the only grassroots movement dedicated to bringing problem-solving back to Washington? <>

As someone with a vested interest in No Labels, we wanted to share our strategy to build the movement:

1) Introduce the No Labels “working group” — a coalition of Republicans and Democrats from both chambers of Congress who are committed to problem-solving.

2) Build a political action committee to provide financial support to candidates who are serious about ending gridlock in Washington.

3) Build a network of 50,000 No Labels Digital Leaders to create a space and support for legislators to focus on problem-solving rather than political point-scoring.

Together, we’ve already done so much with a bare-bones budget — can you chip in $25 more to support the No Labels strategy?  <>

All these components will help make our reforms a reality. We introduced our Make Congress Work! action plan less than a year ago, and in the next few weeks, we will unveil our Make the Presidency Work! action plan to free the office of the president from outdated rules and regulations. In 2013 we’ll introduce Make America Work!, a plan to identify the key issues our country and elected officials must face in the years to come.

With your support we’ve accomplished so much — just think what we could do with a bit more. <>

Most sincerely,

Nancy Jacobson & Mark McKinnon
No Labels Co-Founders

P.S. By pitching in $25 more you can help No Labels continue to make breakthroughs. <>
<>    <>    <>

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