Mini-Me: Bailout Money Went to China, USG Prepares for Martial Law?

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Who? Mini-Me?


Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America

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Santilli explains that his knowledge of Rex 84 provides that within the document, one of the scenarios that would cause a complete suspension of the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and implement martial law would be a financial collapse. He says once the collapse occurs, the US government and defense agencies estimate they have a 72 hour window to activate all procedures to ensure continuity of government as well as a lockdown of the general population as civilian unrest, riots and outbreaks of violence are anticipated.

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The Deutsche Bank informant says that the cause for the bailout of the banks was a large sum of cash needed quickly to repay China who had purchased large quantities of mortgage-backed securities that went belly-up when the global scam was realized. When China realized that they had been duped into buying worthless securitized loans which would never be repaid, they demanded the actual property instead. The Chinese were prepared to send their “people” to American shores to seize property as allocated to them through the securitized loan contracts.

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Phi Beta Iota:   On the Chinese receiving a payoff (as well as the Russians), probably–perhaps a third.  Explicit death threats against Goldman Sachs owners and others in Wall Street were in the air at the time.  Unlike the “control fraud” that characterizes the US Government, the Chinese and Russians know their bankers by name, and hold them accountable for fraud.  On martial law: probably but ineffectively.  The US Government is rapidly approaching its limits.  It is not possible to micro-manage complexity in collapse.  What the US Government (and the Department of Homeland Security specificially) should be doing is accelerating local resilience as fast as possible –all stop on the industrial-era prok, full-speed ahead on everything that makes local water, food, energy, and health a reality.


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