Yoda: Mind-Mapping Advances–Listening Does Not

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Behold the Awesome Science of Mind-Mapping An Instructionalicious Guide

Mindmapping is a very serious and well researched subject, or art … or something . Whatever it is a map of the mind is definately something to be valued and this ‘instructionalicious' guide is no exception. Allow this infographic to simultaneously blow and map your mind.

DuckDucklGo Mind-Mapping

Phi Beta Iota:  Tens of billions of dollars are being spent on covert surveillance including the recording of all emails, telephone conversations, and other forms of exchange, but most of this is not being processed.  Worse, it is not being processed toward making sense in the public interest.  It is one thing to focus on the needle in the haystack threat warning.  It is quite another to focus on harnessing the distributed intelligence of the public.  That will be the next big leap for “national intelligence.”

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