Berto Jongman: Russian-based Story on Blackbird Technologies (USG Contractor) Allegedly Murdering Their Employee Kathleen Peterson & Her Family + PBI COMMENT

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Berto Jongman

UPDATED 2 October 2012 to post 7 talking points.

This is being read in Europe.

US Family Massacred After Begging Russia For Help

A shocking new Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today alleges that an entire American family that sought Russian protection from the Obama regime was massacred by US intelligence agents within hours of their planned escape from the United States.

According to this report, on 22 September a woman who indentified herself as Kathleen Peterson visited the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Washington D.C. under the pretense of signing up to take a course titled Russian Language Express Course A-1 for beginners set to begin on 26 September whereupon she approached director Yuriy Zaytsev and “slipped into his hand,” while shaking it, an encrypted computer thumb drive covered in a small note that said “please help us we’re in danger.”

Following “standard protocols” for such instances, when Russian officials are approached on American soil by US citizens, this report continues, the note and thumb drive in question were “processed” according to “established procedures” and revealed the plans of Mrs. Peterson, her husband Albert [both pictured 2nd photo left], and their two children, Mathew and Christopher, to leave Washington D.C. on 23 September on a flight to Paris where it was requested they be met by Russian security personal as this family feared their lives were in danger.

Within 24 hours of Mrs. Peterson passing her information to Russian officials, this report says, she, her husband and two children were violently gunned down in their Fairfax County Virginia home on 23 September with this massacre being blamed by US police officials on a murder-suicide plot initiated by her husband, Albert, with at least one Western news source, quoting a source indentified only as “Maggie L.”, stating this tragedy was due to his, Albert’s, fears over Obama being reelected as US President.

According to US news sources, Albert Peterson was a longtime employee of the US defense giant Northrop Grumman until he resigned in 2009, and Kathleen Peterson was employed by the US defense contracting firm Blackbird Technologies located in Herndon, Virginia.

. . . . . . . .

This FSB report further notes Blackbird Technologies “tracking and tagging” of those US citizens destined to be placed in America’s most feared prisons called Communication Management Units, or CMU’s. These secretive political prisons for “domestic terrorists” radically restricts prisoner communications with the outside world to levels that rival, or exceed, the most restrictive facilities in the country, including the dreaded “Supermax”, and any other such prison operating in the Western world.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We were reluctant to speculate, but after various discussions, offer the following comments:

01  The original source is both suspect and useful — similar to Veteran's Today, perhaps 60% meat and 40% outlandish.  Here is DuckDuckGo /  As we have noted previously, the source is believed to be an American, David Booth, considered by some to be an asset in undermining legitimate truth movements by inserting outlandish claims into the stream.  See for example this post with specifics: Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? How To Tell The Difference.

02  Having said that, we also know that suicides rarely take their families with them, especially if they have life insurance and the suicide clock has stopped ticking (after two years or so, depending on the policy, there is a payout in the event of suicide).

03  The story makes two allegations that are easy to check: that the mother, the employee of Blackbird Technologies visited a Russian office in Washington DC [the FBI has the camera tapes], and that she claimed the entire family has tickets to Paris [if there is no record, while it might have been destroyed, good forensics of all points in the reservation and purchase chain can be found — as Stanley Inc. discovered when it created the “Innocence of the Muslims” atrocity film, in today's world all tracks are hard to wipe out. 

04  We believe the story to be a provocation, meant to be an annoyance to Blackbird Tecnologies and the US Government BUT anyone with integrity must see that now this story must be investigated.

05  Also, in light of Susan Lindhauer's book, Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq (CreateSpace, 2010) and many other credible reports of drugging detainees, torture, and other abuses, generally by contractors or reservists, not by real interrogator-translator professionals such as Col Stu Herrington, USA (Ret), any story that alleges that a contractor has executed a US citizen on US soil outside the judicial process, DEMANDS, in our view, a full and open investigation by the appropriate Inspector General, and an immediate publication of findings.

06  We consider the Presidential “kill list” to be largely over-blown, but there is no question about the  moral disengagement of the President's top intelligence adviser in the White House, and there is also no question but that the larger bureaucracy and the massive out-sourcing of tasks that should be inherently governmental, including indictment, incarceration, interrogation, and fatal termination, have gotten way out of control.  Accountability is largely absent, something that Blackwater now Xe (not to be confused with Blackbird Technologies) has made so clear over and over again.

07  If this family was murdered by order of someone in Blackbird Technologies, we speculate that it was an element of the company that took action without authorization from the company's leadership, and certainly without authorization from the Commander of USSOCOM or any Presidential authority.

Our bottom line: we rate the probability of murder by parties not yet identified to be on the order of 40%.  This matter demands a professional investigation, not a white-wash, and it demands, in our view, a very public presentation of all evidence to the contrary of the allegations are in the above story.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko: When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.

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