Mini-Me: Former NSA PM – U.S. Is Turning Into East Germany

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Who? Mini-Me?


Greg Adams of We The People Foundation posted this  video. It’s the first of three videos which that group is releasingSource.

Phi Beta Iota: The principal witness is William Binney.  Jim Bamford and others provide some useful commentary.  This is fraud, waste, and abuse, but on balance it is not the widespread violation of privacy rights that alarms the civil libertarians.  Our speculative view is that NSA is more about keeping the money moving and growing the pie, than about being effective.  If they are running true to form, they are processing less than 5% of what they collect, and since terrorism is a tactic, not a threat, wasting $30 billion a year or more doing things that do not serve the public interest.  As others have observed, NSA is providing nothing of value to the DHS “fusion centers” and its primary customers, state and local law enforcement.  This is all about money without oversight.  Indeed, a proper audit and investigation to this end would be helpful to the President in two ways: in alleviating public concerns; and in identifying tens of billions of dollars in immediately implementable cuts of corporate vaporware with minimalist impact on jobs.

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