Mini-Me: Obama Fears of Coup Put FBI Into Emails of Multiple Flag Officers? How Many Walking the Plank?

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Who? Mini-Me?


Phi Beta Iota:  Sorcha Fall is a discredited source still read in Europe that has a gift for connecting dots in strange ways that often make real sense.  We do not believe that a coup was planned or that there was a serious plan to assassinate Romney and slip Petraeus in at the last minute.  We do believe that across the senior ranks, both uniformed and civilian, there are such strong senses of entitlement, hubris, and immunity from accountability, such that the legitimacy and authority of the President and his designated senior civilian defense leader, have been called into question publicly and in a manner clearly prejudicial to good order and discipline.  The US lacks a strong counterintelligence capability, but the one thing that could explain both the many officers being relieved, retired, or otherwise placed out of service, and the FBI's rather wide-ranging inspection of the emails of many flag officers, would be a legitimate concern on the part of the President that his military commanders could not be trusted. We also have the earlier case of US Navy Admirals, first Admiral Cosgriff and then Admiral Charles Gaouette, the first reported to be planning a false flag attack on Iran, the second relieved of command before he got past Guam enroute to Straits of Hormuz.  Something is going on.  It is not about bimbos but it will in passing flush the flags with personal indiscretions, as well as those who may be considered out of control or disloyal to a degree that mandates their relief or retirement.

With respect to the below, the gun battle had nothing to do with General Patraeus, and the travel of Panetta as well as Obama have been long-planned.  Below is, at best, info-tainment.

10 Nov 2012 Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle

6 Nov 2012 Obama Coup Plot Slams Into Russia

28 Oct 2012 Obama Fires Top Admiral As Coup Plot Fears Grows

20 Jul 2012 US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama

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