Mini-Me: Veteran Suicides in 2012 — 1 Per Day from AF/IQ 18 Per Day All Wars

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Who? Mini-Me?


The Invisible Wounds of War: Number of Soldiers Committing Suicide Reaches Record High

Amy Goodman

Democracy Now, 21 August 2012


MARGUERITE GUZMÁN BOUVARD: That’s right. And before I—after I finished that book, finally the Department of Defense was letting out these statistics. They were not letting them out before. I tried to get them. I called Veterans for Common Sense, Veterans United for Truth. They have 50,000 members. They said, “Sorry, the numbers are not coming out.” And what I did get was that, in every 36 hours, one veteran from the Iraqi or Afghanistani war are committing suicide, and 18 veterans of all wars commit suicide a day. Also—

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Phi Beta Iota:  “Cognitive Dissonance” is a very important concept when one has integrity and desires to do a self-evaluation of one's priorities, policies, acquisition, and operations.

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