Penguin: Larry WIlkerson Skeptical About Politicization (aka Fabrication) of Syrian Chemical Weapons Reports

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Former Powell adviser ‘skeptical’ of ‘politicized’ US intelligence on Syria

RT, 08 December, 2012

Syria will never use chemical weapons against its own people, Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired US Army Colonel who was Chief of Staff to Colin Powell told RT. Instead, the reality is that US is “preparing the ground to intervene in Syria.”

­An act which would lead to a conflict “that would take at least a decade to settle – and there aren’t going to be too many victors at the end of that decade, just losers,” Wilkerson says, as Washington’s ultimate aim is to overthrow the Iranian leadership.

Simultaneously, some members of Congress are talking about “impeachment” of the US president for not consulting Congress before involving the country in conflicts.

RT: You were Colin Powell’s chief of staff when the decision was made to invade Iraq. In 2003, Powell made a speech that laid out the case for that war. Let’s take a listen to what he said. You helped prepare that speech, and have since described it as the biggest mistake of your life. Why?

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell (AFP Photo / Chip Somodevilla)

Lawrence Wilkerson: Primarily because we – to the American people, to the international community and of course to the members of the US Security Council – presented that speech… it was not accurate, it was not true, it was not valid. We did not know that, but it was not just an intelligence failure. It was also the massive politicization of intelligence by the leadership in Washington.

RT: We’re currently seeing very similar rhetoric in the US in relation to Syria.  Will it end in war again?

LW: I would be highly skeptical of any of the intelligence rendered by the $140-billion-plus US intelligence community as to weapons of mass destruction in possession of another country. Period.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The is NO DIFFERENCE between the two political parties and NO CHANGE in the military-industrial-financial complex that strives to sustain a perpetual state of war.  Sadly, after 935 now-documented lies leading to the multi-trillion war that is still on-going across Arabia, North Africa, and Central Asia, it should not surprise anyone that there is disbelief among such serious observers as Colonel Wilkerson.  Whether Syria — the legitimate government at this time — is planning to use chemical weapons or not, the USA would appear to have no legitimate interest to defend there, nor can the USA afford any more excursions — to Syria, into Mali and Niger, or anywhere else.

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